Sunday, February 17, 2013

Return to Belgium

It's almost that time of year.  I know, I've neglected you all year.  But let's face it, it's much more fun to drink beer than to write about it.... I've had many reminders throughout the year.  One of my favorite beer spots in NYC, The Blind Tiger does many great tap events during the year.  The last one was Ommegang.  If you are not familiar, they are Belgian inspired brewers in New York state.  In fact, they are owned by the number one brewers in Belgium , the Moorgat Brewers.  Moorgat brews some of the top beers in Belgium, including Duvel.  There is nothing quite like a Duvel enjoyed locallly, something is lost on the trip.  On one of our trips to Belgium with Ale Street News,   we saw Ommegang beers coming off the Moorgat bottling line.

Of course, Ommegang began here in the US and developed their own brews.  Last week I was very happy to sample a wonderful selection of limited brews and historical beers: Gnomegang, Seduction, Rustica, Art of Darkness, Belgian Independence Day, Bier D'Hougoumot.  as well as a favorite Three Philosophers.  I hope you have enjoyed some of their standard brews, and that you have an opportunity to try some of the special limited and seasonal additions! Cheers!


  1. Love your last post name A GLASS OF SUNSHINE! From one beer drinker to another "clink"

  2. Great post! That reminds blog is pretty neglected too.