Saturday, January 23, 2010

Accessories for a Beer Goddess

As a beer goddess, sometimes you need to look the part.

I found this shop with really cool beer cap pendants, Marcie Jane Designs. The Lucky pendant is very special, don't you think?

If you're having a gathering at your home, or need a hostess gift,  a recycled beer bottle tray is just perfect! There are several different ones available from Capital City Craft Studio, but I happen to like the Chouffe one the best!

And for the times you really want to shout BEER GODDESS , be sure to visit Ale Street news and see the great clothing they have , designed just for beautiful you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

People and Places

There are several special beer bars in New York City.  At the Blind Tiger Ale House, you are likely to find brews that you have never seen before! Surely a mecca for any beer adventurer which you will see in more of my posts.
Last week I was lucky enough to have a special cask ale, Busterbrau Catatonic.  Busterbrau ales are loving brewed By Warren Montiero, the Beer Sensei of Ale Street News.  Not only is he a talented and knowledgeable beer writer, he's a darn good brewer too.
The Catatonic was poured from a small cask, fresh hopped, tasty and very drinkable! Complex with 7 malts: maris, briess pale, carafa I, crystal 60, cara amber, munich amber, wheat malt. Water: Burton profile. Hops: cluster, chinook, cascade for bitterness, cascade & goldings for aroma, wet cascade hops from Pittsburgh courtesy of Carl Uhlmann for wet hop finish. So if you are lucky enough to be frequenting the beer hot spots in New York, be on the look out for any Busterbrau... it's the one beer to remember!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tale of Two Tastes

You can go to just about any bar and have beer.  But not all beer is created equal. Many of the fine microbrews are now sold only in the larger bottles of 750 ml. Now of course, I could drink a bottle that size.  The question is do I want to risk $15 or so on something I might not like.
Today, I was lucky to share two brews at a friend's house which I had passed over buying because I wasn't quite sure I would like them.
The first was from Dogfish Head Brewing in Delaware which is one of the most creative breweries in the East.  The beer- Black and Blue, brewed with berries and was very enjoyable.
The second cam from one of New Jersey's biggest microbreweries, Flying Fish. They started brewing "Exit" beers, based on New Jersey's highway system.  Today I had the Exit 1, oyster stout. I am a big lover of stouts and this one is roasty and delicious.
Both proved worthy of drinking- give them a try if you can!