Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tale of Two Tastes

You can go to just about any bar and have beer.  But not all beer is created equal. Many of the fine microbrews are now sold only in the larger bottles of 750 ml. Now of course, I could drink a bottle that size.  The question is do I want to risk $15 or so on something I might not like.
Today, I was lucky to share two brews at a friend's house which I had passed over buying because I wasn't quite sure I would like them.
The first was from Dogfish Head Brewing in Delaware which is one of the most creative breweries in the East.  The beer- Black and Blue, brewed with berries and was very enjoyable.
The second cam from one of New Jersey's biggest microbreweries, Flying Fish. They started brewing "Exit" beers, based on New Jersey's highway system.  Today I had the Exit 1, oyster stout. I am a big lover of stouts and this one is roasty and delicious.
Both proved worthy of drinking- give them a try if you can!