Monday, January 18, 2010

People and Places

There are several special beer bars in New York City.  At the Blind Tiger Ale House, you are likely to find brews that you have never seen before! Surely a mecca for any beer adventurer which you will see in more of my posts.
Last week I was lucky enough to have a special cask ale, Busterbrau Catatonic.  Busterbrau ales are loving brewed By Warren Montiero, the Beer Sensei of Ale Street News.  Not only is he a talented and knowledgeable beer writer, he's a darn good brewer too.
The Catatonic was poured from a small cask, fresh hopped, tasty and very drinkable! Complex with 7 malts: maris, briess pale, carafa I, crystal 60, cara amber, munich amber, wheat malt. Water: Burton profile. Hops: cluster, chinook, cascade for bitterness, cascade & goldings for aroma, wet cascade hops from Pittsburgh courtesy of Carl Uhlmann for wet hop finish. So if you are lucky enough to be frequenting the beer hot spots in New York, be on the look out for any Busterbrau... it's the one beer to remember!


  1. I love tasting beers from microbreweries, they are popular in northern CA too.